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Helen Eriksen is a visual artist and educator living and working in Oslo. She was born in and raised in Liverpool UK, she studied literature and languages at the University of East Anglia, Norwich, before studying visual art at the National Art Academy in Oslo, Norway and public art at the Oslo School of Architecture. She is currently running Tenthaus Oslo project space and investigating the role of artists in Norwegian schools with Ebba Moi and Stefan Schröder, as well as developing her own practice.



My work started as a sculptural investigation of space but has become increasingly orientated towards the investigation of the artist´s role within society. My art making has become a collaboratory process with other artists, curators and participants – and the idea of “artist signature” as well as "art" objects as fetishist item is being explored.


Narrative texts and images in these works are mostly collected from interactions with project participants. Often, an experience or/situation will reveal itself when becoming acquainted with a space, in that time just before the analytical experience takes over and when the "act" of vision is working at its optimum. Productions can be installations, photography, video, performance, curating, academic writing, proposal making. I aim at revealing hidden narratives, potentials and dreams of the people I meet and work with.


In recent years public art and definitions of public and the changing role of the artist has resulted in an increasingly participatory research based practice. Present collaborative activities include Tenthaus Oslo with Ebba Moi and Stefan Schröder, making with Germain Ngoma and performance with Paivi Laasko.



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