© Helen Eriksen



Exhibition and event: NoOsphere, New York

Materials: second hand objects



In Olso I had found three pairs of objects of iconic design in thrifts shops and jumble sales:

A pair of Ressell Falcon chairs

A pair of gold rimmed china cups

A pair of preservative jars


I decided to split them up and an individual of each pair was auctioned in New York. The photographs to right are a documentation of the objects the gallery space and later in their new homes.


My lips kissed gold

A jar of Norwegian Nothingness

Reselling the Ressell


My re-loved objects are always documented before sale and documented after sale in their new homes - the aim is to give people something that they will love despite the fact someone else has defined it as usefull junk. The object always joined with a tale attached that I send to the buyer at a later date. The letter contains my connection to the object´s former life.


The remaining objects are still in Oslo waiting to be auctioned at a later date.








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