I want to tell you of great things 2

I want to tell you about great things

Public art projectt: Sculpture Arena East, Oslo

Video screening and poster series

Art marks our identity as humans and instils in us a binding sense of community and reciprocity.” Professor Dr. Anne Bamford, 2012


I want to tell you of great things… at the Carl Berner Project Space comments on and show's the work of the artists together with teenagers from Sinsen, Sofienberg and Hersleb schools.

The artists invited Professor Dr. Anne Bamford to write an independent text about art and children that also refers to her UNESCO research on the same theme. A film shows the text being read aloud by students at Sofienberg Upper Secondary School.

In a second work in the exhibition the artists present a new school manifesto on eight large posters. The pupils have contributed with completely new perspectives on how the everyday reality of school should be organised. Pupils at Sinsen Secondary School developed the manifesto when they were asked to imagine and describe their ideal school.

Translations of manifesto texts


Boredom is forbidden

If you become bored you will be sent straight home with a large bag of sweets and a film.

If boredom continues you will be sent to the cinema with your friends


Everybody has to be happy

If you are sad you are allowed one day off school or a conversation with an adult


It is forbidden to be sad and by yourself

If you are caught you better have a good excuse


If your phone rings during lessons you MUST answer

If you don´t want to answer it´s your bad


It is forbidden to get cold standing outside

If you are then you will be rounded up by a teacher and made to go home fifteen minutes earlier


It is forbidden to be in school or in the school grounds when on school free days

If you are caught on school grounds during free days and holidays you will be suspended from school a whole week.


Pupils are all provided with their own computers

The school assumes responsibility and pupils may order software and updates at the school office


Staff have to take an admission test before they are allowed to work

All prospective teachers have to complete an obstacle course and labyrinth created by the pupils.  The pupils decided which teachers they want to employ. 

©  Helen Eriksen