Tear Catcher


Commision proposal competition

Trondheim City Council

Materials: Bronze

Bronze fountain commemorating the victims of 22 July 2011

In  collaboration with Ann-Charlotte Horgen

Tear Catcher is the signature work in the memorial park and can be described as a temporary fountain with free flowing water during rainfall.  It can be experienced in many different ways and reflects life with its sorrows and hopes for both the next of kin and Trondheim´s population in general.

Tear Catcher is inspired by the symbol for eternity, the lemniscate, with primary forms that play on tear and arum lily petals.

Time Capsules

There are three sunken capsules in the centre of Tear Catcher that will be opened on 22.07.2111. These will be marked with contours that reflect Tear Catchers primary tear form.

Inspiration for the time capsule is from Hanna Otterbech´s sealed letter addressed to her successor at her husband´s vicarage one hundred years after her death.  It decribes Otterbech´s intense mourning and her life´s sorrow when her sick daughter died. 


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©  Helen Eriksen