2004-2007- Oslo School of Architecture , PhD project - RECYCLING PUBLIC SPACE

2001-2002 – The Master Studio at National Academy of Art , Oslo

1994-1999 –  National Academy of Art , Oslo

1992-1994 – Art School in Stavanger, Norway

1986-1990 – Bachelor of Arts, Hons , University of East Anglia , Norwich , UK



Mapping the life of second hand goods through sales and auctions.



Østlandsutstilling, Kiel, Germany  – with Germain Ngoma


Devlopment and design of a Toolbox for developing extended artist practices in Norwegian Schools - with Ebba Moi og Stefan Schröder.

Østlandsutstilling, BOA Oslo  – with Germain Ngoma

The Worst Artshow Ever – Øvre Fossum Gård – with Germain Ngoma

Closed art competition for Levanger Middle School - with Ebba Moi and Stefan Schröder


Closed competition entrance for Memorial Place of 22 July 2011 – Trondheim Municipality

The National Art Academy in Oslo, Open Forum – Tenthaus Oslo as Artist Educators in the Oslo School – with Ebba Moi and Stefan    Schröder

Transit, Tenthaus Oslo - with Germain Ngoma


Bring Back My Bonnie in A Cool Wind Blows,  NOoSpace, New York

The school is a factory: presentation at Henie Onstad Art Centre  with Ebba Moi og Stefan Schröder


I want to tell you of great things at Sculpture Arena East, Oslo with Ebba Moi og Stefan Schröder

MONDO Tromsø –Planka Trøms - curator - Marie Nordby


Dissent / Descent in Packed ! Tenthaus Oslo

Hersleb - relational art project with Hersleb school

Fuck We forgot Tøien: Panel Participant, Culture Night Oslo at the Norwegian Sculptors Assosiation.

Critical Thinking Through Practical Aesthetics – discovery at Hersleb: conference Paper at Practical Aesthetic Creative Learning Processes at Vestfold University College, Norway.

An Advocate for Art Education, report on Ann Bamford  in Visual Arts Magazine


The Unofficial Nobel Peace Prize: UKS, Oslo curated by Alejandra Salinas and Aeron Bergman, Hersleb School as a Relational Entity

with Ebba Moi

Wannabe, participatory photography project with 10th graders from Hersleb school.

The Moment Installation in Last Production at Schweigaardsgt 33, Oslo

Who will really win by selling Hersleb School : Debate in Dagsavisen


Bypass, participatory public art project in Alna district of Oslo

Artists at Sinsen School with Ebba Moi and Stefan Schröder, Søssa Jørgensen og Geir Tore Holm


Newspapers and Gnomes in Figurations,  Sculpture Arena East, Norwegian Sculptors Association

Today is all mine, Sinsen School


33 Basement, Gallery Barbara Hansen, Oslo


Un/Inhibited: Video screening: Backwater Gallery, Cork, Ireland

Inspiritus: Leeds Cathedral , UK

Inspiritus: Oslo Cathedral , Norway 


Writing on the Wall, Oslo Art Society, Norway

Eriksen / Robberstad Collab, Gallery 9, Agder Art Centre , Kristiansand

Peace in Norwegian Sculpture Biennial, Vigeland Museum , Oslo( Dorthe Abilgaard , Danish Contemporary Arts Foundation)

Sorrow: Hebden Bridge Sculpture Trail , UK

Puppy Love: Pelham Art Centre , NY, U.S.


Anima/l: Rogaland Art Centre , Stavanger , Norway


Release (video work) at Haugesund Film Festival, Norway

A Man for his hat: Norwegian Sculpture Biennial 2001, Stenersen Museum, Oslo

Anima/l participatory project: Norwegian Sculpture Biennial 2001, Lillehammer Art Museum


Anima/l, Gallery III, Oslo, Norway

No. 13 in Perspective 2000 (Absolut Award) Belfast ( Lynn Cooke , NY) Norwegian Sculpture Today: Oslo Art Society, Norway

Future Show: Stroud House Gallery, Stroud, UK

Sotheby 's Art -Link Young Art 2000 exhibition and auction in Tel-Aviv, Chicago and Vienna



Chair of the Nomination Committee for the Organisation for Norwegian Artists


Vice Chair, Norwegian Society of Sculptors


Board Member, R-O-M Transdisiplinary institute for art and architecture



The Roses - Oslo Municiple´s Memorial for victims of 22 July

Tiller Øst Park Trondheim Municipality


Sagmoen Kindergarten, Trondheim Municipality

Brattås Skole, Nøtterøy Koro, (Annike Simonsson and Lars Erik Svensson)

World Square, Furuset, Oslo (Torgeir Husevaag)


Tenthaus Oslo – initiator and curator with Ebba Moi and Stefan Schröder

Sculpture Arena East – jury member


Bangcork, Surasi Kulsolwong) CorkCaucus (2005), for National Sculpture Factory, Ireland

Inspiritus group exhibitions at Oslo Cathedral and Leeds Cathedral


1999 Christian Lorch Shiva 's Legacy · 2000 Arts Council Norway, Project Support ·

2001 Arts Council Norway · Visual Artists' 3% Fund · Scholarship · 2003 Arts Council Norway ·  Exhibition Support · 2005 Arts Council, Norway · KORO (Public Arts Foundation), Artists 3% Fund · OCA · British Council · Norwegian Embassy in London · 2008 Arts Council Norway · Project Support · 2009 Oslo City Council: Urbanisation and Planning Division · 2010  · The Art Lift · (Kunstløftet) 2012 · The Art Lift, (Kunstløftet) · Arts Council, Norway · 2014 Arts Council Norway · Artist Grant 3% fund · 2015  Arts Council, Norway · Artist Grant 3% fund ·


2014 - Østlandsutstilling - Helen Eriksen and Germain Ngoma

2013 - A Cool Wind Blows - Norwegian Sculpture 

2008 - Figurations · Norwegian Sculptors Association ·

2003 - Norwegian Sculpture Biennial: Camilla Eeg, Oslo Art Hall and Dorthe Abilgaard , Danish Contemporary Arts Foundation Norwegian

2001 - Sculpture Biennial Maaretta Jaukkuri , KIASMA Finland

2000 - Perspective 2000: Lynn Cooke : DIA Arts NY

©  Helen Eriksen